The Tale of the Mad Feces King


The following story is a highly disturbing account of a roommate that more or less slowly descends into madness. This eventually reaches a point where dead animals are stored inside an oven and defecation takes place in a variety of places that are distinctly not the toilet bowl.

As the story was posted on the SomethingAwful Forums in 2005 by a user named Martin Random, I have no way of verifying its accuracy or truthfulness. Regardless, it is still a classic, disturbing and frankly hilarious story and should be enjoyed as such.

Fuck the Bible, this is the greatest story ever told.


Shortly after the story was posted, I rehosted it on this website and it enjoyed some success and popularity on the Internet. Due to changes in the site and its hosting, the story was lost for a number of years. Recently, however, I came across the original source files and have decided to rehost the story once again for all to enjoy. I would like to specifically note that the copyright of the story and the accompanying images, which were added by forum members Shii and easyjo, are not mine. To this day, both story and images remain the property of their respective authors.


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